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Most frequent questions and answers

Accredited investors earn annual earnings of $300,000 or $200,000 when married couples file jointly or are worth a minimum of $1,000,000, excluding the primary residence. Many of the real estate syndication services are available only to accredited investors.

The term “sophisticated investor” refers to investors with the right financial and business knowledge to assess the benefits and risks associated with sophisticated investment options. Unlike accredited Investors, there’s no particular net worth or income requirement.
Yes, you can. But first, talk to the brokerage that manages your retirement account to understand how to invest and get any forms they need. Any return you earn will go back into that retirement account. Also, it’s a good idea to chat with your tax expert about any tax details related to this.
Minimums typically varies around $50,000.

You will receive distributions on a quarterly basis from the property management company via checks or ACH payments directly to your bank account, whichever you decide.

Real estate acquisitions, whether direct or indirect, carry a high risk of loss of value. Prospective Investors are advised to carefully review the Operating Agreement and any related Risk Disclosures before determining whether to invest in a Venture Vortex. Prior to making any investment decisions, potential investors should always speak with an investment advisor, accountant, and attorney.
Once the acquisition phase is finished, all of our investment prospects are expected to start producing cash flow within the first quarter. Six to nine months after funding their transaction, investors typically get their first payout.
We often use a “value add” strategy, which means buying a property where we can see potential for growth (for instance, the ability to increase rents with minor modifications), holding onto the property for 5-7 years, and then selling it.

Before we can offer a deal, the procedure requires that investors sign up for our investing club. This enables us to maintain compliance with the law (SEC 506B) and build relationships with each possible investor. We may offer you with deals as they become available. If you JOIN our investment club. Deals fill up on a first come, first serve basis, and when we have a new offer available, we will alert all investors who are a part of our investor club.