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Real Estate Investing Strategies and Business Insights with Omar Khan

Join us in this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, as Aman talks with Omar Khan, Founder and Managing partner of Boardwalk Wealth. Omar brings his practical sensibility, wit, and wisdom to the discussion in a very colorful and realistic opinion about the different aspects that makes a real estate investment successful. What to expect in this episode? Omar’s background in finance and real estate


Multifamily Mastery with Dan Brisse

If you want to own multifamily properties, Join us in this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, as Aman interviews Dan Brisse of Granite Towers Equity Group. Together, they discuss asset management and multifamily real estate deals. Dan talks about his role as an asset manager, and the KPIs he is using to ensure success in their real estate deals. Learn about the five basics for success which is based on Dan’s own experience in this business. Setting up system- challenges


Unlocking Real Estate Wealth: A Journey from ATMs to Multifamily Investments with Michael Guthrie

In this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, Aman talks with Michael Guthrie, a seasoned entrepreneur who had a successful ATM processing business and is now an expert in raising capital for real estate investments. Michael’s experience and network from his previous venture added tremendous value to his ability to organize and execute fund raises from his growing investor network. In this episode, For investors who..


Do not pay taxes anymore and learn BUY BORROW DIE with Mark Quann

Join us in this very educational episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, Aman interviews Mark Quann, a financial educator whose tax avoidance expertise led him to write a book about and teach a system that billionaires are using to grow their wealth while reducing or avoiding taxes.  ‘Buy, Borrow, Die’ is a concept that has been in existence for over 20 years, and it’s the opposite of what has been taught in schools. What is ‘buy, borrow, die’ and who can benefit from it?


Building Wealth Beyond the Restaurant: A Real Estate Journey with Gino Barbaro

There is a huge chance of success in the Real Estate, but only if you know how to navigate its cycles, patterns, and timing for entry and exit. In this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, Aman interviews Gino Barbaro of in a very educational discussion about creating and growing a business guided by your core values as a company. Learn about lessons from their deals, including the importance of awareness, educating yourself, and understanding cashflow.


Mastering Creative Deal Structuring in Real Estate with Paul David Thompson

The art of making deals is not only focused in closing them. It also includes being able to employ the right amount of complexity and creativity to get as close to a win-win situation for all parties involved. In this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, Aman interviews Paul Thompson in a highly educational discussion about Real Estate investments, funding, and employing creativity in deal structuring. Paul’s background in corporate life and engineering provides a unique perspective in terms..