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Multifamily Mastery with Dan Brisse

If you want to own multifamily properties, you have to educate yourself on how to look at the components of the deal and how to manage the asset afterwards. Although you can learn things as you go, there are things that you should learn beforehand.
Join us in this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, as Aman interviews Dan Brisse of Granite Towers Equity Group. Together, they discuss asset management and multifamily real estate deals. Dan talks about his role as an asset manager, and the KPIs he is using to ensure success in their real estate deals. Learn about the five basics for success which is based on Dan’s own experience in this business.
What to expect in this episode?
•Dan’s career from snowboarding to real estate investor
•Using anxiety in your favor
•Starting Granite Towers Equity Group
•Setting up a system, and challenges in asset management
•Ensuring business plan execution and proper communication
•Keeping himself and their employees motivated.
•Five basics for success in this business.
•Current deals they are working on now.
Who is Dan Brisse?
Dan Brisse is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Granite Towers Equity Group and oversees operations, acquisitions, investor relations and asset management. Dan is a resident of Southern WA. Dan is a former professional athlete. As a professional snowboarder for over 13 years, Dan took home multiple X-Games gold medals and was known as one of the top urban snowboarders in the world. Dan’s drive for excellence and success transpires into Granite Towers’ real estate portfolio. He is also the Co-Host of the podcast, Keeping It Real-Estate and the Co-Author of 4 Steps to Successful Passive Investing
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