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Real Estate Investing Strategies and Business Insights with Omar Khan

Podcast name: The Cashflow Capitalist Show
Episode Title: Real Estate Investing Strategies and Business Insights with Omar Khan
What are the traits and characteristics of successful people in business? Do you understand finance and taxation enough to make sure your investments make money for you?
Join us in this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, as Aman talks with Omar Khan, Founder and Managing partner of Boardwalk Wealth. Omar brings his practical sensibility, wit, and wisdom to the discussion in a very colorful and realistic opinion about the different aspects that makes a real estate investment successful.
What to expect in this episode?
•Omar’s background in finance and real estate
•The entrepreneurship environment in US
•Understanding taxes and taxation
•The importance of having the money to build a team.
•Opinions on learning, education, and mentorship
•Advice on learning from very successful businesspeople
•Asset management in the context of real estate
•KPI for successful asset management
•Managing properties from different locations.
•On using AI in asset and risk management
•Strategies with respect to interest rates.
•Current developments and market outlook
•Book Recommendation
•Message for the world if today is your last.
Who is Omar Khan?
Omar Khan, CFA is the Founder & Managing Partner or Boardwalk Wealth. Omar has advised on $3.7 billion in capital financing and M&A transactions, as well as securing $50+ million in equity from private and institutional capital. He is a graduate from the Rotman School of Business (University of Toronto), and a CFA charter holder with 10+ years of investing experience across real estate and commodities. As the principal of Boardwalk Wealth, Omar is primarily responsible for developing strong relationships with private and institutional investors, brokers, and strategic partners. He has closed on over $450 million of assets across TX, GA, FL, and SD.
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