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Unlocking Real Estate Wealth: A Journey from ATMs to Multifamily Investments with Michael Guthrie

What happens behind the scenes when you raise capital for a syndicated deal? How do you grow your network of investors and maintain integrity and personalized connection with each of them?
In this episode of The Cashflow Capitalist Show, Aman talks with Michael Guthrie, a seasoned entrepreneur who had a successful ATM processing business and is now an expert in raising capital for real estate investments. Michael’s experience and network from his previous venture added tremendous value to his ability to organize and execute fund raises from his growing investor network.
What to expect in this episode?
•For investors who want full control of their investments.
•How Michael got into multifamily and its challenges.
•Marketing strategies on his first GP deal
•How do you approach new investors?
•Building trust takes time; always be available.
•Michael’s current contact methods and preferred conferences.
•Establishing connection through occasional video text
•KPIs in raising capital and average investor throughput.
•Webinars and methods in keeping investors informed.
•Finding the first deal and being asked to for the rest.
•Criteria for identifying deals to partner with.
Who is Michael Guthrie?
Michael Guthrie is a highly accomplished professional with an extensive background in real estate and financial management. As the VP of Sales at Pacific Capital LLC, he has been instrumental in expanding the company’s portfolio of apartment buildings, focusing on optimizing tax benefits, cash flow, and appreciation upon exit. Additionally, Michael plays a pivotal role in his position as Executive VP at Pacific Capital LLC, where his comprehensive expertise benefits the company’s leadership team. Furthermore, he serves as an Investor and Syndicator at Cypress Advantage Properties, specializing in selling, placing, and processing ATM transactions to help smaller ATM businesses achieve financial freedom through residual income.
Connect with Michael Guthrie:
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